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Yes I do! I can even create custom themed templates for your party. 

I also specialize in return gifts for kids, customized takeaways, decor, invites, and custom decor for bachelorettes, weddings, or other events.

Connect with me on for more information.

The ideal image is a high-quality photo taken from a straight angle so all facial features are clearly visible.

However, I can also work with low-quality, black and white, or old and worn out photos.

I hand sketch your face onto a custom portrait of your choice. I try to be as detailed as possible, paying a lot of attention to your facial features.

So each portrait can take me anywhere between 3 to 6 hours. Please remember, this is not a painting. I sketch the portrait digitally and it involves hours of editing and several rounds of illustrations.

After your approval, the final image is printed onto a canvas and shipped to you.

I can also create a new template customized to your requirements if you’re unhappy with the existing set of templates listed on the website.

I can fix imperfections, add or remove accessories, change background or costume colors, and even customize the entire  template to your liking.

Oh yes! Apart from canvas, I can also offer customized designs on the following products -

  • tote bags
  • phone cases
  • ceramic mugs
  • coasters
  • tumblers
  • greeting cards
  • pet bowls
  • pet bandanas

Reach out to me on if you're interested in any of these products.

Mostly yes! While I try to combine orders into one shipment, it’s not always possible.

Also different types of products will always ship in separate parcels to prevent damage during transit.

No! Each canvas is wrapped in plastic, sealed, and further secured in a heavy duty shipping box. This ensures that the canvas reaches you without any scratches or marks.

In the odd case that your portrait is damaged in transit, please reach out to me and I will send you a replacement completely free of charge.

I initiate work on your order within 24 hours of receiving it, embarking on a meticulous journey of illustration and editing.

Canceling the project after this time frame translates to a loss of both my time and effort, a situation I cannot accommodate.

Any portrait takes me a few hours to sketch. While I can send you a free preview, it would take me between 3-5 days to do so.

I need to prioritize any paid orders since they have a turnaround time of 24 hours.

I can print your portrait on the following sizes -

8 x 10 inches - great for gifting

12 x 16 inches - the ideal size for rooms

16 x 20 inches - a fantastic option if you want every single detail blown up

18 x 24 inches - best selling portrait size for kids

24 x 36 inches - the standout feature in any room.


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With every masterpiece, I can include a personalized secret message from you that captures your sentiments and creates a beautiful tapestry of memories.

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At Poshtraits, every brushstroke supports a dream. I'm a small US based business painting big smiles, and celebrating individuality, one portrait at a time.

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My creations aren't just handmade, they're a story told through art and heartfelt enough to make your grandma blush with envy.

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Shipping fees are like those pesky bad hair daysbetter left behind. Because delivering joy should always come without extra baggage.